Melenie (spunkyphx) wrote in lose_the_weight,

"Members Only" Community


That means if you want to view the entries, or post entries of your own, or comment on anyone's entries, you have to join the community.

This is not a community for people who are looking for a quick way to lose ten pounds so they can fit into that bikini this summer. If that's you, please look elsewhere. This community was created for people who have a significant amount of weight to lose and are ready to get serious about doing so in a healthy way that will last. Every member of lose_the_weight has a sincere desire to change the way they look and feel. Some of the entries posted may be very personal. As the moderators, we want every member know that they can come here and post their thoughts, feelings, successes, and failures without worrying about who may be reading what they say.

If you are interested in joining the community, please check out the User Info Page and submit your request to join lose_the_weight by emailing Melenie at Tell her a little about yourself, and why you want to join this community. Be sure to include your LiveJournal username in the email.

Thanks for looking and have a great day!
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