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the ordinary, quick meal

I'm looking for suggestions for a sort of a 'default' dinner.

Even when I was single & only feeding myself, my usual dinner when I didn't feel like spending a lot of time planning my meal or cooking it was a big plate of spaghetti. Boil some noodles, dump on some sauce from a jar, pour on a small heap of grated cheese. It's quick and palatable, but nutritionally I think there might be a healthier choice out there. (I'm not an Atkins type - I've never counted a single carb in my life - but I have a sneaking suspicion that all that refined white starch might not be the ideal thing for me.)

So -- what do you all eat in situations like this? A brief description is what I'm after, I can always look around for recipes myself. I'm thinking some sort of rice/beans/seasoned meat burrito thingie might be good for me, but the more suggestions I can get, the better. Already, whenever I remember to go to Trader Joe's I stock up on their Indian foods in pouches which I eat with their Basmati rice, it's a nice change from spaghetti.

Thanks in advance...

Background: Although I'm aware of all of the benefits, we really don't have a family meal. My wife doesn't like to cook. I love cooking - and eating - with a special interest in ethnic foods, and would love to be the main meal planner, but I get yelled at if my choice is something my wife won't like... which is almost all the time. So as a result my wife, my three kids, and I behave as if we're all single people. We grab what we can.
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