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I dont know if anyone has mentioned these here, but here are some new resources I have been using and seem to like fairly well.
This has a TON of information, and it also lets you start up an account with them which will help you track your weight loss, the food your eating, exercise, and all that jazz. Its a really good site for information on almost ANYTHING edible, with nutrition contents of so much stuff. Great site for the nutrition content, though I think the "Plate" (where you record your food) is lacking. If it has nutrition facts for 1 tbs of olive oil, but you only use maybe a tsp, it wont let you use a tsp, but only records a tbs. Not liking that part so much.
Another site similar to TheDailyPlate, and the first one I used for finding nutrition facts. One thing I have recently discovered on here is some recipes for low fat foods, or foods that were revamped to be less fat. Truly neat site, but you have to pay to become a member and use their software for keeping track of your food/diet.
This is a new software I am checking out. I think I may have burned myself out on WW, so trying this for a change. It has everything I have been looking for in a program/software/thingy. It counts what I eat, lets me put in recipes so I can easily add stuff, keeps track of my weight/food/measurements and just all around makes it easier. It also has a HUGE database built in of foods, or you can add your own. I'm going to be very strict with myself to put everything in there. If I do end up really liking it, I'm going to end up buying the full version (you only get a 15 day trial). But in the end, it'll probably be worth the $37.


i took out the ticker, just not working
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Ooooh! Thanks for these links. Ummm. I dunno why your tracker isn't working...hmmm Make sure there aren't any spaces.

I also like
DietPower is good, too.

For the ticker: Make sure you're posting in HTML, not Rich Text. Check the tab at the top right of the Post Journal page.
At the very beginning of your ticker link, I think you need to take out >< after the a, and leave a space between the a and the href. Edit your post to check. x

(also, yay tickers! *grin*)